Instructors Dr. Steve Band, PhD (FBI Retired)
Dr. Steve Band, PhD (FBI Retired) entered on duty as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) December, 1983. During his 22 year career with the FBI he focused on counterintelligence, counterterrorism, undercover and behavioral science operations. Dr. Band is credited with developing the FBI's Undercover (UC) Safeguard Unit. This program has been modeled nationally and internationally for selecting, assessing and monitoring the readiness and wellness of undercover operatives. During his last seven years in the FBI, he served as Chief of the Bureau's Behavioral Science Unit. Dr. Band has appeared and been portrayed on television in this capacity. Dr. Band retired from the FBI in 2005. Dr. Band is presently an executive consultant serving the US Intelligence Community; and, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Dr. Band presently owns and operates Behavioral Intelligence Specialists, LLC, a company positioned to perform applied behavioral science training, research and consultative services. Dr. Band is a graduate of the New Jersey State Police Academy. Dr. Band earned his PhD at Fordham University, New York City, in counseling psychology, and was a post-doctoral Fellow of forensic psychology at Indiana University-School of Medicine. Dr. Band is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association; former faculty member, University of Virginia at the FBI Academy-National Academy, Quantico, Virginia; and, author of articles, analytical reports and book chapters reflecting his professional expertise. Assistant Chief Jeff Beaman (Tactical Paramedic)
Assistant Chief Jeff Beaman (Tactical Paramedic) has been with the Germantown Fire Department for the past 21 years. Lieutenant Beaman possesses an Associate's Degree in Fire Science and a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Administration. Lieutenant Beaman is currently a student at Columbia Southern University with the goal of earning a Master's Degree in Emergency Services Management. Lieutenant Beaman is also an adjunct professor in the Emergency Medical Technology Department at Southwest Tennessee Community College. Lieutenant Beaman served on Tennessee Task Force One, a F.E.M.A. Urban, Search, and Rescue team being deployed to the Pentagon, after the September 11tt terrorist attacks, the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, and two other hurricane deployments along the Gulf Coast. Lieutenant Beaman received the Sons of the American Revolution Fire Service Commendation Medal in 2001. Lieutenant Beaman's law enforcement experience began in 1993 as a Deputy Sheriff with the Desoto County, Mississippi Sheriff's Office until 2000 and since 2007 with the Germantown, Tennessee Police Department as a Reserve Officer and SWAT Medic. MPD Colonel Jeff Clark (Retired) President/CEO
MPD Colonel Jeff Clark (Retired) President/CEO began his career in law enforcement as a patrol officer with the Memphis Police Department in 1984. After being promoted to Sergeant in 1997, Colonel Clark worked as a detective in the Robbery and Homicide Squads until he was promoted to Lieutenant in 2000. Colonel Clark served as a lieutenant at the Central Precinct before being transferred to Investigative Services in March 2001. In 2002, Colonel Clark was tasked with starting the Memphis Police Department's Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) Unit with the objective of reducing gun crime in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee. Under his direction, the PSN Unit was expanded to include Memphis Police Department investigators, Shelby County Sheriff's investigators, ATF Special Agents and a Deputy United States Marshal. Colonel Clark was the 2003 national recipient of the Project Safe Neighborhoods Special Achievement Award recognizing the Most Significant Individual Contribution to PSN in the country. Colonel Clark was named as supervisor of Operations for the Organized Crime Unit in November, 2005 and in September, 2006 Colonel Clark was named the Assistant Commander of the Organized Crime Unit both at the rank of Lieutenant. Colonel Clark was recognized as the Organized Crime Unit Supervisor of the Year in 2007 and was promoted to Major in April of 2008 and assigned as the Commander of the Organized Crime Unit. Retired Director Larry Godwin appointed Colonel Clark to the rank of Colonel on December 31, 2008 and he was assigned as the Commander of the Tillman Station which is in the center of the City of Memphis, covering approximately 25.99 square miles with a population of over 90,000 residents, and staffed with approximately 160 commissioned officers. On April 12, 2011, Colonel Clark was awarded the Administrative Excellence Award by the Memphis Police Department. Colonel Clark is a member of the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police, the Memphis Police Association, the Fraternal Order of Police, and the Association of City Retired Employees (Memphis, TN) and past member of the Memphis Metropolitan Association of Chiefs of Police. Colonel Clark retired from the Memphis Police Department on May 11, 2011 and on June 24, 2011 became the CEO/President of Investigative Techniques Unlimited, LLC. Officer Anthony Godwin

Officer Anthony Godwin is a 7 year veteran with the Memphis Police Department. After completing his probationary period with the police department, Detective Godwin was transferred to the Undercover Operations Unit making him a second generation UCE. Detective Godwin worked undercover for approximately two years targeting the adult entertainment underworld within the city of Memphis dubbed Operation "Last Call". Detective Godwin was awarded the Undercover Medal of Merit in 2008. Detective Godwin has completed the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Basic Narcotics Investigation School. In April of 2010, Detective Godwin was invited to observe the Federal Bureau of Investigation Undercover School. Officer Godwin received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Officer Godwin is currently assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division District II and is assigned to the Union Station Precinct of the Memphis Police Department. Officer Nick Godwin
Officer Godwin is currently assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division of the Germantown Tennessee Police Department where he serves as both a S.W.A.T. and patrol officer. Officer Godwin has been with the Germantown Police Department for five years and assigned to S.W.A.T. for the past three years. On the S.W.A.T. team Officer Godwin's primary function is shield operator. Officer Godwin attended the F.B.I. S.W.A.T. school and has over 140 hours of close quarter combat training. Officer Godwin received his bachelors degree from The University of Mississippi, and is from Byhalia, MS. Officer Davis Herndon
Officer Davis Herndon has been employed by the Germantown Police Department since February 2007, where he has been assigned to S.W.A.T. since 2008. Officer Herndon was honored to receive the Germantown Police Department Medal of Valor in 2007 for his actions in the line of duty. Officer Herndon was also awarded 2007 Germantown Police Department Officer of the Year. Officer Herndon graduated the Memphis Police Department T.A.C.T. Unit in 2008. Officer Herndon is a part of the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing team for the Tennessee Public Safety Network. Officer Herndon has been an instructor of chemical munitions, less lethal, flash-bang and aerosol for C.T.S. (Combined Tactical Systems) since 2009. Officer Herndon has been an FBI Firearms Instructor since 2010. Officer Herndon completed Tactical Officer Survival School in early 2011 and is an Advanced Tactical Firearms Instructor. Officer Herndon has logged more than 200 hours of C.Q.B. training at the Mid-South Combat Shooting Institute. Officer Herndon received a B.S. in History as well as a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Mississippi in 2005. Captain Alan Keller (Tactical Training Coordinator)
Captain Alan Keller (Tactical Training Coordinator) is an 18 year law enforcement veteran. Captain Keller is currently over Uniform Patrol at the Germantown Tennessee Police Department. Captain Keller's career began with eleven years in the United States Navy. Captain Keller has seventeen years of SWAT experience five of which he served as the team commander. Captain Keller's SWAT experience began with attending the Memphis Police Department 160 hour Basic Tactical Unit School. Captain Keller has also attended: Carlos Hathcock Sniper Training, US Army Marksman Observer Training, TEES CQB Instructor, Combat Lifesaver/ First Aid, FBI Firearms Instructor, and numerous advanced CQB Courses taught by the Special Operations Community at Mid South Institute of Self Defense Shooting and TEES. During a leave of absence from the police department Officer Keller worked as civilian contractor providing security for convoys and U. S. engineers working in Iraq from 2004 to 2005. Captain Keller is a graduate of Northwestern School of Staff and Command and the FBI National Academy. Officer Clint Parker
Officer Clint Parker is an officer with the Germantown Tennessee Police Department where he has been employed since 2005. Officer Parker is currently assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division where he serves as a Patrol Officer as well as SWAT Operator. Officer Parker has been a member of the SWAT team for over 4 years.. Officer Parker graduated the 200 hour Shelby County Basic and Advanced SWAT School and has over 150 hours of training in CQB and Mechanical Breaching. Officer Parker also graduated from the FBI Firearms Instructor School. Officer Parker graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Murray State University in 2003 and played football there as well. Officer Parker is from Cedar Grove, TN and is a second generation law enforcement officer. FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone (Retired)
FBI Special Agent Joe Pistone (Retired) a distinguished, twenty seven year career member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Agent Pistone has gathered an enormous amount of invaluable experience and information as a deep-cover operative. Operating under the name of "Donnie Brasco", in 1975 Agent Pistone began the most intensive and effective infiltration of the Mafia ever conducted in the history of law enforcement in the United States. Six months after his initial infiltration into La Cosa Nostra's notorious Colombo Crime Family in New York, he was able to skillfully infiltrate, and become accepted by elements within the infamous Bonanno Crime Family. This started a six year, deep under cover operation which immersed him in the very dangerous and treacherous world of the American Mafia as one of their own, accepted and trusted. After intensive internal discussions and evaluations, in 1981 the FBI made a decision to end Operation Donnie Brasco, as it was known, and pulled Agent Pistone out of the grips of the Mafia, possibly saving his life. The following years required Agent Pistone to make enumerable and grueling court appearances on the witness stand which were among the indispensable key elements of the largest, longest and most productive Mafia trials in history. They include among others the high profile Bonanno family cases, the Pizza Connection case, the Mafia Commission case, later leading to the Mafia Cops case. If Agent Pistone is known and regarded for one thing in his career, it would be for mental toughness. His work has been recognized by such notables as former New York Mayor Rudie Guliani, Former CIA Director George Tenant and Michael Chertoff, United States Secretary of Homeland Security. Joe Pistone's work infiltrating the Mafia resulted in more than 200 convictions. Retired Agent Pistone's has amassed, unparalleled experiences and developed resulting skills and knowledge as an undercover agent. Now as a teacher, a trainer and a mentor, he is responsible for the FBI's Undercover Certification School and for establishing safeguards for the deep-cover agent. He now offers his experiences and techniques to the world's police and government security agencies through his teaching and training seminars. FBI Special Agent Stephen A. Salmieri (Retired)
FBI Special Agent Stephen A. Salmieri (Retired) a distinguished twenty nine year career member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as an Agent, Supervisor and Chief of Undercover Operations. Agent Salmieri was one of the FBI's original undercover agents. Agent Salmieri was Chief of Undercover Operations (CUO), managed FBI undercover operations nationally and internationally. Agent Salmieri was a member of the International Working Group on Police Undercover Activities and liaison with CIA and NSA. Agent Salmieri was also Coordinator for the Terrorist Task Force and Informant Programs. Agent Salmieri was selected to formulate the FBI's Undercover Agent Selection and Training Program as well as designing and implementing training programs for Food and Drug Administration, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. Agent Salmieri is now a partner with the Pistone-Brasco Group where he does consultant work for the FBI, State Department, US Department of Justice, Food and Drug Administration, Police Departments and was Senior Police Advisor to the Republic of Serbia for Covert Operations, Organized Crime and Terrorism. Agent Salmieri's current projects include Biker Gangs, Corruption, Insurance Fraud, Narcotics, Money Laundering, Murder for Hire, Organized Crime, Property Theft, Terrorism and White Collar Crime. Agent Salmieri currently lectures at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) Budapest, Hungary on use of the undercover techniques to combat Organized Criminal Organizations.

MPD Sergeant Paul Sherman (Retired) Vice President/Training Coordinator
Sergeant Paul Sherman (Training Coordinator) is a 23 year law enforcement veteran. Sergeant Sherman graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation Undercover School, Quantico, Virginia March 21, 2003 and is a Certified FBI Undercover Employee. Sergeant Sherman was the lead instructor for the Memphis Police Department Undercover Certification Course RCTA Meridian, Mississippi. Sergeant Sherman has also successfully completed the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Basic and Advanced Narcotics Investigation Schools. Sergeant Sherman was a DEA Taskforce Officer for 2 years where he completed the DEA Taskforce School in North Carolina. In January 2005, Sergeant Sherman was given the task by then Memphis Police Department Director Larry Godwin to create an undercover unit for the Memphis Police Department. Under Sergeant Sherman's leadership the unit indicted over 2,324 defendants of whom 2,264 were state indictments and 60 were federal indictments. Of the 2,324 defendants indicted 345 where documented gang members. The undercover unit had a 96.4 % conviction rate. The undercover unit also closed 263 houses/businesses that were deemed a nuisance in the City of Memphis. In 2005 Sergeant Sherman was named the Memphis Police Department "Top Cop" awarded to the Officer of the Year in Memphis. Sergeant Sherman was also named Officer of the Year for the Memphis Police Department Organized Crime Unit that same year. Sergeant Sherman has been awarded two Memphis Police Department Life Saving Medals. In 2008 then Patrolman Sherman was awarded the Memphis Police Department Undercover Medal of Merit for undercover work performed for the FBI and the Memphis Police Department. In April of 2010 Sergeant Sherman was awarded the Memphis Police Department Medal of Valor for actions he performed during an officer involved shooting at a local hotel and The Administrative Excellence Award for creating the Memphis Police Department Undercover Operations Unit and the Memphis Police Department Undercover School. In 1993 then Bristol Virginia Uniform Patrol Officer Paul Sherman was awarded the State of Virginia, Association of Chiefs of Police, Medal of Valor and the City of Bristol Virginia Medal of Valor for actions taken in a fire at a local retirement home. Sergeant Sherman attended Hinds Junior College in Raymond, Mississippi (Associates Degree) and East Tennessee State University (Criminal Justice) where he lettered in football for four years. Sergeant Sherman retired from the Memphis Police Department in November 2011.


I've been home for three days since attending the Basic & Advanced Undercover Operations Courses and what I've learned is still sinking in.

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Hands down the best instruction I have received ever in my military/law enforcement career. A novice at UC I walked away from the ENO school feeling confident in my capabilities to handle emergencies.

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I am a new policeman and an even newer Narcotics Detective. I was sent to this undercover class just like all the other Detectives in my unit before me.

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