Numerous events can trigger the criminal investigation of a business and its principals. Law enforcement may target an industry or company when information suggests wrongdoing. Disgruntled current and former employees provide fertile soil for informants and cooperators.

In every situation, the investigative team (normally consisting of a prosecutor and one or more investigative agents) will first explore the use of covert investigative techniques, before launching the traditional-type investigation utilizing interviews, grand jury subpoenas and search warrants.

As the name suggests, a covert investigation is secret and known only to law enforcement and, on occasion, cooperators. It attempts to snare wrongdoers in the act or to capture in their own words acknowledgment and participation in the criminal episode.


I've been home for three days since attending the Basic & Advanced Undercover Operations Courses and what I've learned is still sinking in.

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Hands down the best instruction I have received ever in my military/law enforcement career. A novice at UC I walked away from the ENO school feeling confident in my capabilities to handle emergencies.

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I am a new policeman and an even newer Narcotics Detective. I was sent to this undercover class just like all the other Detectives in my unit before me.

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